Jayar Donlan

Executive VP, Digital and Social Content

Jayar Donlan directs a 75-person team that curates some of sports entertainment’s most-followed social media accounts. Quarterbacking digital and social strategy is a major production, involving around-the-clock digital and social production and even training sessions for WWE’s Superstars, who maintain their own social accounts. WWE creates bonus content and original programming exclusively for digital and social, weaving storylines across TV, digital and social channels. It’s all designed to feed WWE fans’ insatiable appetite for pro-wrestling content and make them feel like they have a front-row seat. “We have social producers all over the world, at 500-plus events,” Donlan says. “Being authentic on social is key to our success.” Prior to joining WWE in 2013, Donlan was VP of analytics for MXM Social, a digital agency with clients including NBC, Disney and Sony.