Stay Calm & Carry On in 2023: 4 Things to Start Monday. Better Prepare for Today’s Complex Market.

The economy! Do more with less… and do it faster!

In a world where consumers are even more digitally participatory, their expectations have soared. It can be an overwhelming time for marketers, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re going to cover four of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers today, demystify them, and provide tangible tactics you can immediately apply to navigate today’s noisy, complex marketplace.

After this session, you’ll know how to:

  • Actively listen and delight your customers
  • Navigate the nuances of disparate data
  • Build and take advantage of zero- and first-party data
  • Implement processes for channel unification, bringing it all together for you

Who should attend? This session is perfect for digital marketers who want to understand how to tackle business-critical opportunities with their teams.

Why you should attend? This session will help you understand how to effectively reach consumers today, whose behavior has dramatically changed post-COVID, and increase revenue in uncertain times.

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