It’s Time to Mix it Up: Rethinking Your Channels and Messaging in a Post-Digital Age

Too many marketers have fallen into the trap of recycling their digital methods over and over while numbing buyers into a slow, digital death. To succeed in the post-digital age, you must mix up your marketing strategy to reach buyers where and how they want—and with the right message—to win new business. In this session, we’ll unpack what a new, healthy, post-digital marketing mix looks like in today’s oversaturated landscape.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand what defines the ‘post-digital’ age and the challenges it creates for marketers
  • Implement tactics to mix up your next marketing campaign in order to reach your customers where they are and how they want to be reached
  • Become re-motivated to rethink your strategies in this ever-ambiguous marketing universe