How To Get Pop-Culture Buzz on a Shoestring Budget

If your eyes involuntarily roll a bit every time you see Nike or Apple brought up in a keynote because if you had that kind of budget, you’d make magic happen too, this session may just be for you! I’ve studied popular culture for a decade, working with brands big & small to help marketers unlock the secrets of how to capture and hold their audience’s attention with their content, actions, and advertising. The question I’m most often asked is, “Is Pop-Marketing possible on a shoestring budget?” Joe Cox has curated all of his Pop-Marketing knowledge, case studies, tips & tricks into a 30-minute power session designed specifically for those with limited resources or who want to prove the power of pop culture in marketing, but need more traction to bring it to life.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Replicate strategies to start a cultural tidal wave with a limited or virtually no budget, using a case study from Adult Swim
  • Use pop culture to sell your marketing ideas and get invited to the meetings that matter
  • Implement methods to get the maximum buzz with minimal resources using the power of pop culture