Mobile Messaging: Engaging Conversations with SMS

Are you waiting for the next big thing? When the next big thing comes will you be ready to engage? Are you sure? Organizations need to be engaging now on the channel that gets eyes on the message within seconds. Don’t stand on the sidelines wondering if mobile messaging is a compelling solution. But RCS is coming soon. But I spent all this money on an app. But, but, but… Those other channels have their positives, but are you taking advantage of today’s ubiquitous technology to set yourself up for success with whatever is next? There is much organizations can be doing right now with SMS and MMS in driving conversations and engaging with customers across the customer journey. Find ways to engage and delight your customers now and bring them along to the next big thing.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn best practices on how to have effective and outcome driven customer conversations today
  • Beat your competitors’ mobile messaging strategy with SMS, MMS & RCS
  • Get access to an SMS Starter Kit with best practices