Measuring Marketing: Third-Party Cookies Are Dying – Here’s What You Need to Do NOW

Third-party cookies are dying. And that’s a big problem because marketers have relied on them for years to target and measure digital ads. But honestly? Good riddance. Because the age of first-party cookies is here.

With first-party cookies, marketers can get all the data they need to prove campaign ROI and optimize spending. Even better, that data can be more accurate than what’s provided by digital ad platforms.

Join Alight Analytics’ Matt Hertig as he shows you how a first-party tracking strategy can help marketing teams adapt to new, tougher privacy regulations.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Re-evaluate your marketing measurement based on the death of third-party cookies
  • Understand why first-party cookies are the future of marketing measurement, and how to deploy this strategy correctly
  • Take immediate action to adapt your measurement strategy so you can get the insights necessary for proving ROI and optimizing marketing strategy