Use Intentional Curiosity to Drive Business and Personal Growth

Good thinking is not about answers. It’s about questions. Questions come from being curious about the world around us. As children, we were all curious. ABOUT EVERYTHING. Formal schooling and adulting (gasp) have stripped many of us of this powerful skill. But like many other intellectual tools, you can hone your inquisitive expertise by employing an intentional and sometimes scientific approach to harnessing active curiosity that unlocks the growth potential of your brand or your career.

Join this talk to hear tactics & methods you can apply to instill a culture of curiosity and develop a more innovative mindset.
After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Gain a better understanding of the different types of curiosity
  • Apply strategies that encourage and grow curiosity within your organization
  • Leverage curiosity to grow your career and become a better leader
  • Practice curiosity both in your personal and professional lives
This session is for experienced marketers who want to get out of their comfort zones and learn ways to become more curious to better prepare their brand for the future and fuel personal growth.