Going Beyond Data to Better Connect with Your Audience

Increased stakeholder demands and improved technologies have pushed more marketers toward delivering data-driven digital strategies. While data is good, it’s not enough. Indeed, this focus on data has caused many to lose sight of two marketing fundamentals: standing out from your competition and directly engaging with your ideal audience.

To stand out and speak to those who need you most, you need content that creates the type of connection people are craving—especially after more than a year of Covid-induced isolation and separation. In this session, we’ll discuss the three things brands must embrace to stand out online and the two focal points that should be at the forefront of every content marketing effort you make, and how you can apply these principles.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Think beyond data and apply a content approach focused on building loyal customer relationships
  • Define your key brand messages that will better resonate with your audience
  • Implement quick fixes on your website to eliminate barriers to creating an authentic connection

This session is for marketers who are seeking a more holistic approach to implementing successful content marketing strategies.