Stealing Design Thinking: Using Survey Data to Rapidly Identify Your Users Needs and Intent

August 4, 2017

The ubiquitous user survey, with all its inherent flaws and issues, still has its merits. For one, it’s often the only sort of customer research that has been done, or that can be afforded to be done. This workshop is focused on taking existing user survey data and rapidly processing and synthesizing it creating actionable insights that can be tested. Along the way you’ll learn how to create deliverables that will help you communicate with your team and upper management, as well as easily integrating into an agile development process. We’ll focus on four intense activities each with a specific deliverable. We’ll also cover:
– Personas – how to make one from existing survey responses. Then take that persona and use it to generate business

– User Roles – that are based on the persona above. Then take those user roles and plot them on a fancy Journey or Experience Map

Then use all of those to generate a problem statement that can be tested.

You’ll receive interactive workbook with supporting materials that can be reused and shared. And you’ll get a shiny certificate to rub in your co-workers faces.

After this session, you’ll be able to more masterfully:

  • Develop genuinely useful personas
  • Incorporate user roles more strategically into your integrated marketing plans
  • Create Customer Journey Maps that are actually usable
  • Introduce Experience Maps into your digital strategy
  • Develop better, more advanced A/B Testing methodologies