The Proven 8 Step Formula to Successful Content Marketing

August 4, 2017

Content marketing is no longer a trend, or some newfangled strategy; it’s an important part of digital marketing that is here to stay. Come spend the morning with experts from content marketing agency, Vertical Measures, where you’ll learn an 8 step formula for creating content marketing that can drive some serious traffic, leads and sales. It doesn’t matter who you are; whether in B2B or B2C, a large or small company, these 8 foundational principles have been proven to work for companies across multiple industries. Get ready to dive right into this fun and interactive session!

This 8 Step Process is a continuous, dynamic process that never ends, and knowing the ins and outs of this process is vital. In this morning long session, you will walk away with knowledge on how each step fits into the larger picture:

Strategy Development | How to create a plan that guides all your content efforts
Ideation | Ways to play “content Moneyball” and come up with hundreds of topic ideas painlessly
Content Creation | What types of content are out there and how each can be created
Optimization | Don’t press publish before you follow these simple, yet essential SEO best practices
Promotion | Get social and understand what platforms work best for you and if paid ads can help
Distribution | How you can get more eyes on your content through targeted, off-site channels
Lead Nurture | Email is a vital component of a content strategy that keeps your relationships alive
Measurement | Learn what core KPIs to look at to understand failures and successes

In this half day workshop, you’ll get real world advice from trainers who have been in the trenches and have seen what it takes to make content marketing truly work. Plus, you’ll be equipped with even more insights and tools, including:
An editorial content calendar and other actionable worksheets and guides
Tactics on how to convince your boss to invest in content marketing
How to align your processes, priorities, and people to drive new business
A background on the history and philosophy that drives content marketing
Ways to jumpstart your strategy with simple “hacks” that actually work
Inspirational advice to align your team and create a content marketing culture

At the end of this workshop, you will receive a workbook, certificate of completion, and you’ll also get access to Vertical Measures’ latest book that goes into each of the 8 Steps in further detail, Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform your Business.

Past attendees have walked away with a thorough understanding and excitement for the content marketing process. Here’s what some of them have said:

“The content marketing workshop was fantastic! Lots of under the hood tricks to get your content and website noticed.”