Why I’m Not Ready for ABM and You (probably) Aren’t Either

August 8, 2017

Since mid-2016, Account-Based Marketing has been the go-to buzzword for marketers. It was something to strive for, and now we all fib and say we’re doing it (at least partially). But let’s be real. For most of us it remains elusive in practice, because our teams, databases, content and channels just aren’t ready to be predictive yet. During this session, let’s create a roadmap to real ABM.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Understand what ABM really is, and decide if it is a strategy that would work for your organization.
  • Prepare your team, your database structure, your content and your channel selection for ABM.
  • Align with sales leadership to create a shared understanding and plan for proper ABM.